Tyrepower Campbelltown NSW
Outside of a Tyrepower store, looking at side of red, blue and white painted building.

Campbelltown Tyrepower Donates And Supports - One Meal It Makes A Difference For The Homeless And Less Fortunate

ONE MEAL - It makes a difference is a local charity started by Paul Mackin and friends operating within Campbelltown, Macarthur and Sydney wide.

This charity is vast and is designed to feed the homeless people and less fortunate.

Paul Mackin(MACCA) A truck driver started the charity in 2014 whilst still working his full time job as truck driver.

ONE MEAL - it makes a difference feeds the homeless Sydney wide for all meals and aids the less fortunate.

Completely operated by volunteers all food donated is prepared and cooked for services Sydney wide to feed our homeless and less fortunate.

Tyrepower Campbelltown support and donate to ONE MEAL - it makes a difference.

To find out more google ONE MEAL it makes a difference or click here to visit their Facebook page  and look at the celebrities and volunteers that give their time for this charity to make a difference. 

Lets all get behind this charity as a community and make life a little easier for the less fortunate.

Donations welcome to help ONE MEAL - it makes a difference.

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