Tyrepower Campbelltown NSW
Outside of a Tyrepower store, looking at side of red, blue and white painted building.

Tyrepower Campbelltown Urges The Public To Check Your Tyres

Sometimes in our busy lives we forget to check our tyres, so just remember our free tyre safety inspection can save your life!

With severe balding tyres it is not just slippery and dangerous, but can cause you to lose your BRAKES!

When your tyre becomes completely bald the tyre will start wearing through the nylon and steel belts in your tyre causing it to BLOW OUT or separate and strip apart ,wrapping around your STEERING and BRAKING componentry. This is very DANGEROUS!!!!!!!!!!!

A pop in visit to Campbelltown Tyrepower to let your Tyrepower pro inspect your tyres for FREE for 5 mins may save your life and others.
So don’t hesitate to pop into our friendly store and put your mind at ease.

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